Seeing you celebrating life, makes us smile too..:)

I adore you, I respect you

Because for me you gave her ‘life’

When left for all what she possess

To be what she defied to accept!!!

It was you who came to her rescue

To love her to bits, for what she was abhored by rest.

You replenished spark in her life,

Your invasion even retrieved that faded smile !!

A life which had been devoid of life,

Ignorent she,engulfed in blue

Praying for a “blessing in disguise.”

Cursing life,she never knew this prevailing darkness is for a shortwhile!!!! …:)<3


For me “its parents day”

If god is to pray

Food is to stay!

So are the parents

Subtle, lovable, “worth investing each day!”

Shower your love, keep them with care,

For them its all what people call ‘treasure’!!

Remembering them, recognising their efforts

Should be for ‘lifelong’ not limited to a single day!!

“love, is to love “

However you take it

Not every time matters to me

For oll i know

Maybe my words are few

Could be vague for you

But not fake as you!!

You may be well versed

With what you possess,

But unlike you, i believe

In the “language of love.”

For me, Love is to hold

To adhere to, to cling on to

Irrespective Of dissimilarity.

Perhaps not comprehensible to all

Nor i am expecting it to be!

However badly you try

I am still unoffended, unhurt

For me, revert love

Is not what i am longing!!!

“yes! I made a mistake”

We are human beings

Prone to make mistakes,

Remember, we are temporary

So are these mistakes!!

Either it bring progress

Or, At times, you may suffer

Just stay positive, remember

Nothing but only Your “positivity ”

can conquer this mistake!

Until den, let dem criticize you

Let them mock you

You just work hard,

Persistence and patience

is all you need,

To replenish your palmy days!!

Smile at your mistake,

Learn to deal with adversities

For life is a journey,

Full of such challenges!!

its just a bad start,

Don’t let it hold you back

For,It was just need of a hour

A stumble, to make you stand again!!

Disenchantment.. :(

“AWES(army welfare education society), is another name of deceive,fraud ,where dey r ready to make you prey to any extent. Army which is profoundly known for documentation on the contrary dey people have recruited set f highly paid “for not doing anything staff ” or i would say staff getting paid for cheating people.

In the name of recruitment, they are playing with the lives of many giving fake information with intention just to allure you, and later they refuse to avail all dey promised you before joining, so did they did to me too.

And even complaining to “Awes”,the one running these thousands of APS’ schools all across the country and evn abroad, is futile as dey too are equally involved nd is well aware of these frauds taking place actively in these schools.

I left my “settled job” just to work in APS after all its all about Army blood we definitely hv inclination for Army all our lives but i didnt know dis big surprise is waiting on the other side.

Her lyf didn’t cease with her husband’s lyf.. :)

Yes! She did it nd i am proud that she did it openly despite getting to listen crap from countless people about countless things, to see her still maintaining herself,keeping herself well dressed without projecting dat gloom outside,after her husband demise.

For a widow,perhaps in a society like ours where people decides usually how u hv to live in society.she is the one who refused to follow dem being in d society nd made path for her nd did everything,to bring her out of dat doldrums she was going through since last 1 and half years,eversince she lost her husband in a natural calamity.for people around her she,now was a spot,a thing of disgrace and dis thinking of others made her more tougher, dan she, i am sure never thought of becoming.

Difficult was d small journey for her, jst hardly 4 years f marriage with a daughter in hand,she endured pain more than happiness eventhough she did not give up. Defying society was inevitable to nurture oneself nd baby also,dan to feel cursed living on their senseless customs,abiding by their senseless social boundations

Few years back i saw bhai telling us about you with beaming face,i was d one who helped him getting clothings for you, nd today after more than a year after his death,without having any clue about your where about, i got to hear that u have found soulmate. Somebody who accepted you with dis nd whom u too, accepted with baggage.Bhabhi u have blocked everyone from everywhere with what so ever reason i dont know, oll i know is that perhaps u wanted to overcome what you went through, as we somewhere reminded you of him.

We may have lose you now, since you hv got new relations bt we are happy for you even being on backseat too untill we are seeing you smiling, may you both illuminate d prevailing darkness from each other’s life.Take care of poorvi.

Wishing you both lifelong happiness and abundance in life..