Invisible beauty of night☆★


Let d silence speak the truth,let the light of darkness brings you the bliss

let d darkness show you the path  leading to brightness and all that is worth it!! 

let d peace prevail,let the silence murmur to open d door of wisdom,

Let your eyes drop your deep emotions ,let your pillow know your hidden secrets and fears,to get rid of scars of pain.

just let your heart out everynight to njoy the sunshine!!

This stillness,peace of night envolope your weakness under your untapped strength,yet to b known.

lets cleanse your heart and lets freed your mind each night to rejuvenate you and your soul!!

Lets Deprive your sleep for a while,get immerse in this stillness of this beautiful dark night,let your mind,heart bombard countless entangled thoughts,swallow this peace to be at peace to ameliorate your life,to bring you to the total bliss followed this bright kind night.!!

Blessing in disguise♥the man of one’s lyf ##father##

Wn you tumble down,wn you literally give up

wnever u surrounded by dejections and dejections and undergoing miserable situation!

a silent support,a everlasting backup a man f few words, is always dere to count on you and to pick you up!!

a person whose bright side is always hidden under the veil of darkside,Often ,they are defamed for the rage,impatience and adament behaviour,and is barely ever given any contribution.

yet, with no complains,persistantly working to mitigate tensions,hardly bothers about any credits and acknowlegment,he is a complacent man,doing everything and anything to fulfill ol his obligations without crying for anybody’s recognition-from being a son,a brother,a father,father in law, to a grandfather,he does everything to give you a better life,to ameliorate your living standard and to strengthen your existance and this prudence for him, is only his satisfaction..¥¥€●▼€♥♥♥​ 

Dying to see you♡dear rain♥♥

 come on guys!! stop smiling now atleast listening d compliment##YOU ARE HOTTT##
its the SUN and only SUN who is ##HOT## nd probably nobody would deny this especially the north Indians..;) after this unbearable grueling hot and sultry weather.

looking forward for mercy God.pour down drops of happiness,drops of pain on the earth and the people…:)

Flaunt your love, accepting  love marriage is matter of proud not shame..let the world know that still the persons,firm on their dreams to be together after years,exists..:)

 Again,once more i came across something that made me to contemplate for a while,as being a avid reader of love stories,romantic novels and seeing the spark of love blossoming around me and witnessing it from distance its treat to me, from the time couple start blushing when the one they love happen to meet each other,when others suspicion arouse that something fishy is cooking up between two people around them  and pull the legs frequently, who, on the contrary, trying hard to hide saying its jst nothing more than good frienship,when den gradually after prolong hide and seek game dey accept they love each other,then the growth of their love amidst thick and think,countless petty breakup patchup,annoying the common friends seeking help and advice ,those tantrums keeping ego high,after a bitter brawl damn now its enough i am nt going to pick up his/her call nor i am going to call,fb block,what app block,almost being blocked from everywhere they used to talk to keeping distance to avoid each other, bragging amongst the friends cursing each other in every possible ways den,asserting its final decision fed up now i just  can’t tolerate this anymore,like everytime# its finally over from my side#although,on the other side the most ignorant friends giving their best shot to help them arranging unexpected meetings for them secretly,trying to convince saying give one more chance to him/her,prividing different new numbers to convince them to resolve things,devising countless new ways being cupid ,to help them saying you people are best match for each other come on# be mature,don‘t give up on each other# ,on the other side these disheartened people and this ceaseless drama saying listen its not a big deal #i can live away as well with high neck  #even though hoping to get call from other side or keeping eyes sticking on the phone desperately as any notification pops up in the phone,most dramatic part  crying and crying, the restless soul pondering on everthing,what he/she has accumulated since the first day of meeting till now-complains,hurt,ignorance,deceitf-ul at times,everything what was actually was nothing till now even it is vague in the memories,but to compensate the anger supressed  inside over years you will outburst(both sides)emotional drama crying while cursing or cursing while crying and then the verdict- the unanimous decision rather, that can only lighten/alleviate their burdensome brain and painful heart,to meet each other face to face to sort out things than prefer to be called old flame of each other the most annoying part from friends perspective especially, on asking how come u people are together again??and the deadly counterreply -lyk everytime and most expected one arey yar that was nothing just a misunderstanding/miscommunication,now everything is going smoothly and then again,a few days after the same drama reoeatedly seeing over and over may reduce your interest on love by the fear of this drama.

The best part is when these tired of fighting on silly things people,the HOD of drama department people,finally after,years of drama,annoying friends at their best,decides to put the full stop in this drama episode of their voyage of life and bring parents to take the matter furthur and then,these hesitant soul officially now are engaged,soon to be hitched people…its something may be a difficult for the couple at times, to remain wid each other or a difficultest time of their life but i enjoy these love stories cannot resist enjoying every bit of it.

But,to my surprise something dishearten me every now and then when i see couples hiding their love marriage as if they are ashamed of telling people that its a sweet love marriage.

Final declaration by the couple to society-actually its an arrange marriage,our parents searched us for each other,our parents came across each other out of nowhere,just to make people believe its true .

Why do others happiness,society’s acceptance matters to us more than our own happiness?? 

 I mean come on-you people are one among a very few couples especially in this generation where people finds true love in every person passes them by,even after spending decades wid each other,decides to part away calling other person immature to handle things,there was no compatibilty which i realise now, meanwhile ,i have brew love for someone else too,there is no understanding between us so there is no point to stay in relation,after unsurmountable hurdles and many other problems,you people are fortunate to find one who abide wid you,despite going through odd time too but not called it off lyk others,you should be proud to introduce each other as one,confident on the choice you made, you deserve applause not criticism instead of feeling confident for your love for each other,let the word know that true love never gives up and do exist now also,

why to hide it after all your happiness lies in other person’s happiness you are with.

And more over-

Will  hiding your love marriage will make people stop talking nuisance about you and your family?

or perhaps,you are still in dillema ,not content with your life and partner,

are y not really proud to marry a person you love wholeheartedly??

how long will u be able to impress people/society and is it trully something worth it?…**$$

Immortal death..:(

People are born to die one day or another,sooner or later,timely or untimely we are clueless about but death is inevitable,nobody cam escape it and we know this fact very well from day 1 then-

why do demise of our beloved ones shakes us terribly?

Why it is hard to accept the fact despite knowing the fact dat every being born in earth has to die one day may b early or late,but we are born to die it is certain ?? 

why we cannot surmount their absence,why do we prefer to dwell considering them alive with us instead of believing the reality??

Why do the person no more with us,lingers in our mind and heart each passing moment and even our love for them tends to increase more after the death?

why do we people keeps on cry for them one who accepted the fact of their death knowing that the person whom we are crying for neither will come back nor can see us crying.

i wonder and wonder these simple yet entangled question and eventually i could infer to an extent,when we(my family), too underwent the same situation(when we lost the only moral support,back up my parents had,besides us,its not a death of a single person but death of triplet from the same family, all the male members,when they surrendered to death untimely in a unexpected manner without any disease in a dreadful cloud burst).

now,perhaps lately but i realised as it was the need of hour to keep my grieved,shattered family intact,to keep myself balance that its not the

 demise of a person that hurt but the memories,those irreplacable moment we shared with them thick and thin both,those giggles,dose crap stuff which sometimes made us cry sometimes we burst wid laughter,which we treasure with us creates the void in our life and profoundly influence us and leaves imprints in our lives,which we cry for,which hurt us perpetually even after spending years without them,their memories are now inseparable part in our lives and will remains alive in us till our last breath,in the absence of the

person we reminisce those beautiful moments of joy,grief,up

and down

everything and these moments makes us cry,hurt in their rememberance…:(


 Why so???

Why so aggression,why so intolerance

At this ripened age, why i often lose my patience ?

when listening to others irks me and sitting silently kills me.

may be out of frustration or it may b out of unsatisfaction

whatever it is, i am badly troubled by these fleeting emotions.

Something bizarre but,now i have become so used to it.

Apart from a few people and things else everything irritates me to bits.

Expressing myself but not looking for any furthur explaination,expecting others to sound with me without any objection

a person coming out with a good suggestion is again,out of my digestion.

Fun lies in struggle it seems,for her..:)

Mother/maa(be its animal’s or human’s) the word itself is as strong as delicate(in terms of emotions,tenderness),she herself is.

Although,embracing motherhood is the toughest and the most memorable phase of a woman’s life.i think its the essence of a woman’s life.

holding this tender and expressionless life on lap,feeding,hassled by noise24×7 at the same time dealing patiently trying to find out the cause behind sheilding,compromise with your cravings to protect your baby from ailments etc etc.

taking care of this new life putting herself on the back seat,working selflessly for the baby.

but,still a woman enjoys it as if,for her fun is disguised in this struggling period.​

Priceless moments.the mother is the third generation And now her kittens are fourth generation.

See the spark of satisfaction in her eyes .:)

Sick people..£€

I simply abhore these stereotype people and their critical mindset,who measures a girl’s goodness on the basis of how much household chores she does efficiently be its my father,mother,siblings,relative.

this topic is profoundly provocative to me,i cannot refrain my feelings inside when others touches this sensitive topic.

we do have many other things to do than to please you everytime.

what i do and what not its none of others business and u never know maybe i am pretending as if i dont know anything#dumb# just to be in your bad books unlike others because i believe in doing for myself not to show others,your liking and disliking my behaviour hardly offend me.

for me,be its a girl or a boy both should learn these basic things to do work for themselves,taking everything to your ego,dignity,reputation is vain and detrimental for yourself.

People living wid me know me very well your appreciation,admiration for my hardwork  definitely not tend to  boost me up,i am born to defy these dogmas of people,and knowingly i dont do any work infront of people having such ill mentality even if u find that lethargic and moreover dese constant reminders,will not help me to cultivate this trait or as if continuously telling me the same will make me feel ashamed and i’l start learning.sorry!!but you are mistaken here.

i dont want to stand erect on your crap expectations i will do what i feel like,where i feel like doing,when i feel like.keep on cursing me,persist on giving lectures to my parents tiredlessly and me, i never longed for your likings.

I simply cannot tolerate such people,not even for a hour.i really don’t fathom why we expect only from girls to do household chores,to behaves properly(supressing ours feelings inside), whereas if a boy does the same people mock him saying “zoru ka gulam banega ye” to stop him doing as if it is stain in his dignity.

We,girls also are human beings like your tender sons,we too get tired,we too have many other priorities apart from handling the kitchen and striving hard to gain others appreciation, to grab others attention by d works we can perform.

dear girls-wtever you are doing just do for yourself even if others condemn you for that.
don’t be robot to do multitasking in order to please others else people will depend on you badly and expect you to do everything solely,u are also as fragile ,as delicate as sons…:(

you are born to enjoy lyk sons..:)