That growth is futile if chasing it makes you mentally dead!!!


Our Ardent “Soldiers”

Our soldiers,our saviours

are the people who hold us!

Against terrorists,Against enemies

risking their lyf for our well being.

men of “courage” and “iron will”

standing erect fearlessly,enduring bullets

       for the nation!!!

perhaps in frontier or in peace

for protection,they are their at our service..

devoted their lives,sacrificed their sleep

as for them,the nation is their only”Kin”

Hunger,thirst,heat and cold

unknown to them,when it come to their Nation.

blood,religion,caste and creed 

away from these shackles,for their noble deed!!

friend,enemy and even the relations

for them,the first and formost is their”Nation”!!!

Even your parents are ecstatic with u untill u are are getting good salary!!

Hurt,pain are meant to be used for others not certainly for d parents,as parents kills us with their words sometimes..:(

yeah leaving a hefty salaried job was a huge decision wch adamently i took in haste perhaps for you,bt i dont regret nor i will later ,as i realised lately what i should if realised a few years back and persisted on that i wouldnot have been in dis place,a so called convent where you are being paid for losing your peace of mind,bt who d hell bothers about ur mental status ,trauma u r undergoing when it comes to money,i know “money do matters to us equally so do i?I believe.”

I decided to quit this convent in a moment as i hd been contemplating on dat since long and wn i got equally good opportunity knocking my door,i candidly took dis most awaited decision,i too,lyk everybody thoroughly thought f every possible reason to stick to dis place den seeing my mental status,health deterioration, i gave up!!

And d news dat m joining dis new place wd equal salary certainly made dem happy about me, nothing else!!my belief dat genuinely everybody is happy 4 me proved  me wrong when today,as i stepped in home bit troubled,badly shakened up,nd seeing my long face d very first day in dis new place, aroused my parents suspicion,and den most expected part bombardment f questions to find out d cause nd i appreciated their concern here nd without supressing my feelings told dem dat i am getting around 10000 less here bcoz f so nd so reasons,as if i was so ok wd dat internally,however i was pretending bit cool as i dnt want to fuss on that any longer as i cant help it now nor did i want dem to worry!!

In a blink f eyes,my so called contended parents came out with d best possible countless complains dey have had,from ceasing studies,to reckless me to everything what even i nvr thought f my parents could have complain with…:(​
am i valuable untill i earn welll???

Education,”in dis contemporary world”.

Well,d purpose f education z to make a person independent,isn’t it???

And when In our country,where now education is jst a step away provided u r ready to spend hefty money to get degree at home evn if its not ur cup f tea.

Nd we all know dis thing very well still we focus on d degrees a person is having rather than her potential and skills.ur degrees vl b worshipped more than your work and skills.considering your degrees ur proficiency vl b judged everywhere.

modestly speaking, nw a days where education has nothing to do wd d is all about money making to grow the business to cater your wish f acquiring degrees not honing knowledge  nd we poor people are after d degrees dan focussing on being independent.
we are obtaining degrees jst to be called educated jst to display ourselves educated…:(

Even,to gain a job has become a toughest task coz f dese people who hv accumulated more dan enough degrees dat d other person,who may hv skills bt not degrees,would hv to face difficulty to prove himslf…:(

Thus,we can conclude dat d purpose f contemporary education is nly to avail degrees easily wdout putting efforts,labour, its certainly nt to mk a person independent,sch education i would call futile wch consequently is deteriorating our society and people believing on dis type f education..:(